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33 and Me!

Students set small reading goals to achieve big learning wins!

Motivate struggling readers to achieve personalized reading goals with the human-read audiobooks they want and need to succeed. Progress monitor reading minutes, days, pages and more while rewarding students along the way.

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Why 33?

Based on an extensive review of reading data with Learning Ally human-read audiobooks nationwide, 33 days of reading for 20 minutes per day consistently skyrockets students into higher levels of reading achievement. Learning Ally defines this as Reading With Frequency, a crucial tipping point based on 33 days of reading, which leads to improved social-emotional and academic outcomes. 33 and Me! is a student goal setting and reading motivation program that helps educators support students in achieving Reading With Frequency!

Personal, Recommended and Advanced Reading Goals

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When students are just starting out, set small, achievable goals to encourage more reading. Some examples may include just letting them pick a book they are interested in or one of the following:

Elementary Middle School High School
Read a picture book for background knowledge on an upcoming history lesson Read the book before the movie comes out to increase reading stamina Read a chapter with increased speed to absorb content and manage workload

The following goals can be tracked when reading with Learning Ally’s app and educators can progress monitor on their educator portal dashboard. Log in to review and export a report of students’ days spent reading, minutes, books (coming soon) and pages. When students achieve one of the below goals, they will be automatically entered into the Learning Ally quarterly or annual prize drawing.

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During each quarter when a student achieves one of the following, they will be entered into a raffle for a prize drawing on 10/31, 1/31, 4/30 and 7/31. Try to achieve Reading With Frequency during each of these quarters!

33 DAYS | 660 PAGES


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Students may be ready to achieve an annual or advanced goal. They can work all school year to achieve the following and automatically be entered in our annual prize raffle.

33 BOOKS | 3,333 MINUTES

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Gain access to the following materials when you log in to Learning Ally's Educator Portal! Complete the questionnaire to receive customized information based on your instructional environment in a launch plan with step-by-step actions, videos, resources and more.

  • Classroom Poster
  • Reading Tracking Calendar
  • Parent & Student Letter
  • Lesson Plans
  • Technology Options Guide
  • Certificate of Achievement

Rewards and Prizes

33 students will win!

9 students each quarter and 6 students who achieve the advanced goal will win a Learning Ally prize pack. More details coming soon about the technology, t-shirts or gift cards that may be included.